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Skip Tracing can be a painstaking and time consuming effort that often seems to be leading nowhere. The process requires a great deal of dedication, concentration, resources and above all, know-how. For a lender, it can often prove to be the most costly aspect of the recovery process in terms of both time and expenditure..

Australian Repossession Services skip tracing team possess all of the necessary elements to conduct a thorough and successful debtor or asset location.  Our two team leaders have extensive State and Federal Police training and experience and share a wealth of investigative techniques & ability.   We offer timely and cost effective solutions to an otherwise serious dilemma.   Fraud investigations are a particular speciality.

Whilst access to our comprehensive database search system is an incredible asset to the skip tracing process, it is certainly not the limit of our ability.  A thorough skip trace requires far more than just searches - it requires clear and lateral thinking, the ability to relate to individuals on all levels and the will to succeed in a very difficult task.   We will spend the time and effort required on each and every case to achieve the desired outcome - locating your debtor or asset.

We enjoy an enviable success rate of both National & International debtor and asset locations and have gained a well deserved reputation within the industry as the agency that takes on the tasks where others have failed.

If you are looking for experienced professional compliant prompt thorough dedicated mercantile agents....

look no further that John Maroun and Australian Repossession Services

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